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2014年1月9日 星期四

[iOS Game] Afroian Zero - Retro Arcade Jewels Match


Afroian Zero - Retro Arcade Jewels Match
iOS Devices
Current Version: 1.0.2

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This game had been released in the years people still used iPhone 3G/3Gs as the name of “Afroian Jewels” on App Store. This new version has many new features, and Retina resolution supported. It’s Universal version could run on iOS devices include iPod、iPhone、iPad (even 1st. generation with iOS 5.1.1).

It’s [Free + IAP]. Players could unlock all levels and features with good gameplay skills without paying any money for IAP. Players can purchase Items in the game using “Heart Coin”to solve puzzles for continuing game.

Different with other games, Afroian Zero do not just ask you to slide “no-brained” fingers to play, players need to focus on game skills and action to solve puzzle for chain matched to get high score.

Left-handed players are considered, too. Control interfaces could be shifted to the other side for convenience.

In the different difficulty levels: Normal、Hard、Insane、Hell Mode, different obstacles will show up to challenge players’ skill. Players always have new fun if they play with more efforts.

Further information below:

App Name:

Afroian Zero - Retro Arcade Jewels Match

(It Means aliens from AFRO plant, so call it AFROian. Zero is the Season Zero. I will make SSN 1, SSN 2... etc, with many different features.)

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[More Screen Shots Here]



Afroian Zero - Retro Arcade Jewels Match
iOS 所有裝置
目前版本: 1.0.2



此款遊戲在 iPhone 3G/3Gs 時代曾經以 Afroian Jewels 的名稱上架過,現在已經增加許多新的遊戲特色,並且支援 Retina 解析度的顯示,是同時可在 iPod、iPhone、iPad 上執行的 Universal 版本。

遊戲為 Free + IAP 的下載方式。遊戲中的任何特色與關卡,都可以讓玩家以自身的遊戲技巧來贏得解鎖,並不需要全部以現金購買。透過在遊戲中取得「愛心幣」,玩家可使用各種 Items 來解決當下的難關,以順利繼續遊戲。



根據起始難度的不同:Normal、Hard、Insane、Hell 模式,各會有不同的關卡障礙出現,來增加玩家的挑戰性,延長遊戲的樂趣。



Afroian Zero - Retro Arcade Jewels Match

(Afroian 的意思是「來自於 AFRO 星球的外星人」,取其 AFRO 字加上 -ian 字尾代表「阿富羅星人」的意思。Zero 則是指「第 0 季」,未來將如同電視劇一般,加入不同的玩法與要素,形成「第一季」、「第二季」...等等,依此類推的內容)

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