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2016年6月29日 星期三

Profit/Loss, Leverage, Unit per lot in FOREX



Hi, Guys,

My name is Googol Lien, I come from Taiwan, I am a PC / Mobile game and MT4 EA coder. Study FOREX since May 2015.

Dimitri is too important and too busy for leading us to trade with good strategy, so I think I can do something to share my little study about FOREX trading information or base knowledge. #EA_SHARP

But English is not my native language, so if there are some mistake words or sentences, please forgive me.

Because every time you buy any lot, there must be a seller, so you are buying lots from some guy you never know. When you sell, there must be a buyer to buy your lots, too. - THIS IS THE BASIC CONCEPT OF ANY TRADE.



Brokers are working with many different modes, Market Maker, STP, make it easy for understanding, I won’t explain that too detail. But I believe you will find out many info. on the internet by searching the key words.