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2024年6月16日 星期日

[FOREX] Passed the phase 1 of the FTMO exam on the first attempt during May, 2023.

Hi, I come from Taiwan.

Since English is not my native language, this text has been translated by ChatGPT. Please forgive any mistakes.

I originally took the FTMO exam out of spite because my friend said he failed it four times. When I tried to explain how to pass, he didn't really listen. So, I secretly signed up for the exam myself and passed the first phase on my first attempt. (Due to my personal schedule, I find it difficult to wake up early for the daily market opening, which is very exhausting for me. This is why I don't like manual trading and prefer algorithmic trading [automated trading program]. I started engaging with FOREX in mid-2015.)

As you can see from the chart, at one point my profit actually exceeded USD 10,000, reaching USD 12,000. I originally planned to rest until the end of the exam period, but I vaguely remembered a rule about maintaining a certain trading frequency. Or am I mistaken? In any case, because I thought there was such a rule, I forced myself to place more orders on the last day, which was actually unnecessary.

I originally took the exam just to convince my friend of my point of view during May, 2023, after explained the situation to him, I only posted my results on another forum. I didn't intend to proceed to the next phase of the exam to qualify for a real account (mainly because I found the process mentally exhausting and unsuitable for me). However, someone on that forum asked how many attempts it took for me to pass. When I said it took me only one attempt, they were surprised and mentioned that it's uncommon to pass on the first try. So, I thought I might as well share my trading methods with those who need them.

Here, I am posting my results for everyone's reference. I actually made a video in Chinese explaining how I did it, but since my English is not good, I can't make an English version.

If you are interested and don't mind the quality of YouTube's translation, you can click on the video link below, select "Simplified Chinese" subtitles, and then choose to automatically translate them into your desired language. (Please do not select "Traditional Chinese" as the YouTube translation feature for Traditional Chinese has been malfunctioning for a long time.)

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